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[16 May 2016|08:28am]
At home. Soon to be not my home. Oh my goodness. I'm so happy about that. On the 1st I am moving to Northampton. I can't wait. I started packing stuff today that I won't need throughout the week. Tomorrow is work all day and payday :). On Wednesday I have the day off and a meeting at 6:30 to sign my lease. I am going to ask they guy if I can move in earlier than the first. I want to move all the stuff out of here ask soon as I can and turn my keys into Joanne. Because she said if she can rent it before Dec 1st she would prorate my rent and send me a check. I can try but I doubt considering that the apartment next door to me was vacant the entire time I lived here until this month. Either way I want to get into Northampton as soon as possible. I thought I was going to be broke after moving. But after calculating moving costs I was still able to buy a QP. So yay. Oops it's 1:32 I better go to bed.
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[05 Sep 2014|01:56am]

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[31 Aug 2014|01:55am]

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[28 Aug 2014|02:00am]

My sister was in town from Florida so I went out to meet her at a German restaurant in my neighborhood.

This is me after some beers and smoking on my walk home :)

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[26 Aug 2014|05:37pm]
photo 1 (10)
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Beach Time [05 Aug 2014|11:49pm]
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other other new glasses [29 Jul 2014|11:46pm]
photo (7)
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other new glasses [25 Jul 2014|11:43pm]
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new glasses [19 Jul 2014|11:40pm]
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[05 Jul 2014|11:33pm]
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[04 Jul 2014|11:21pm]
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[11 Jun 2014|09:42am]
At work. Waiting for Alex to get here. Got in a fight with my sister last night. Awesome. This morning I tried to take Saoirse to breakfast but there was a wait. So I probably should have tried to get there earlier. Lee said that he would bring Saoirse here to eat and see me on Mother's Day. I broke my no beer rule Thursday and Friday night. I am back on no beer again though. Haven't heard a peep from Ethan since Monday. Things are still awkward with Chris at work. Oh well. Jeff texted me Friday night. But I had to head home to meet up with Pete. Big ol loney town over here. I signed up for the yoga today website tho. Did a class on Friday but not yesterday or today. Tonight or tomorrow morning for sure though.
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[28 May 2014|03:35pm]
At work on break. For some reasonEthan contacted me today. First time in almost a month. I don't know why I sucker for him when I know he continually disappoint me. We didn't make any plans but he asked me when I get out of work. Proud of myself for doing yoga this morning even though I didn't feel like it.
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[21 May 2014|02:25pm]
At work on break. Just had a healthy lunch salad with no dressing, crutons, or pasta, broiled chicken with black pepper and lemon, and peas on the side. Also did my yoga class this morning. Yay!!! Tomorrow I'll have to get up at 7:45 so I can do yoga before work. Better...
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[20 May 2014|02:26pm]
At work still, duh. On break. Just went to the ATM to deposit my check. If all estimates are correct. I should have about $3,600 in there. Maybe I could save enough to move and buy a newer minivan. This one has an oil leak and I may have damaged the engine by running it with the oil too low. :( This is when I had a man to help me care about/care for my car. I spied Ruth's car here, oi vey. Guess I'm gonna go inside and have something for lunch.
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[20 May 2014|10:25am]
At work. I forgot my cell phone today so I thought I might write. Heard Lucius - Doreen on the radio. Need to watch that KEXP performance again. It was cool. Connor is back today :)!
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[10 May 2014|12:08am]
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[06 May 2014|10:32pm]
At home. Smoking a bowl. I have quit beer still. It's boring. I have quit Ethan still except to find out via text yesterday that he was forced to resign at work. And then today briefly when I found out that he called up Jane and talked some smack. And that was after I had told him that Jane was seeing Chris from work. Ugh that's what I get for associating with Ethan. Also I guess I did stir the pot a little. I never should have talked to him about Jane at all. I haven't talked to Jeff. I could have went to see him tonight. But I am trying not to. Trying to just be alone. It sucks though.

I had a good day money wise at work, my boss told me that he gave me a 50 cent raise. Seems dumb when you write it down. But whatever I am happy. Also I got home and the federal tax check was in the my mailbox. So yeah not drinking so no celebration. And no one to share my joy with because no one wants to be with me. Not wanting to move now.
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[04 May 2014|10:29pm]
At home. Saoirse is sleeping in her room. There is a gate in her doorway. So we will see what will happen when she wakes up. Oh no she is coughing and awake.
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[03 May 2014|02:54pm]

At work on break for a little while longer. Ethan stayed over last night. But we didn't have sex. I am so done with him. He is such a waste of my time and energy.

further information on the night: photo
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